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Elliott || Nonbinary (they/she/he) || 22 || Homoromantic
Here you can learn about me as an artist and a person by seeing a few of my best works.
I try to keep this updated as often as I can remember, so bear with me.
Thanks for taking a look at what I’ve got to offer!
Updated: Feb 2, 24


I'm Elliott (Arty) and art has always been a passion of mine and something I love exploring. I adore cartoons, comics, and manga more than a little, and take great inspiration from them. I’m obsessed with character design and it's something I do in my free time or even as a break between projects. After being accepted by SAIC, I've really dug into making my art better, attacked weaknesses, and over all make it more fun to do!
As a young LGBT+ artist, I want to bring joy with my art and show diversity with various forms of representation that's only starting to be shown in media in recent years (2020). Nothing makes me happier than seeing creators confirm headcanons from fans or driving to push for representation themselves. I hope to be in their shoes in the future bringing life to a new generation of artists.
I’m interested most in Character/Creature Design, Concept Art, & Illustrations; however I’m open to expanding my horizons and going outside of my comfort zone.

Public projects I’ve worked on

Troublemakers: A Vinem Zine - page artist
HEARTTHROB: A Valentine’s Zine - page artist & writer
Storyboard: A Comic Anthology - artist & writer
Extra Ordinary: A Pokemon Zine - page artist
The Titan's Tomes: An Owl House Zine - spot artist (in progress)
OC Tarot Zine - card (page) artist
SUKEBAN FUZZ PEDAL (ep) - album artist


I love keeping things organized as much as I love expeirementing with different styles, so below are different categories of art I do; all filled with loving variety!
Personal, Fanart, Traditional & Sketches, For Others, Sensitive Content


Art that I do in general, usually for myself
Here you can find a range of different pieces with varying subjects.


Shows, games, comics, and other media
I'm a big enough fan to draw something for or inspired by said media.

Traditional & Sketches

Things I do that aren’t digital tend to be sketches, so this is traditional and sketches to see what I draw outside of projects

For Others

Commissions, gifts, Art Fight attacks, anything not made for me
A good mix of birthday drawings and commissions.

Sensitive Content

TW // gore & body horror, please stay safe and avoid this gallery if you're not a fan
Notice: I don't believe in harming others or animals (and I never have nor do I intend to), this is also not a fetish or anything sexual. I simply just find things like bones interesting and there's a lot of creativity in gore.


Below are a few places you can find more of my art as well as get a hold of me.
Don't be afraid to reach out with questions or anything! Interacting with people (especially those who like what I do) is always a joy ^^